Iron Woman

Design by Karnaf

Iron Woman by Karnaf on Threadless
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this should have been subbed for the Blik contest


personally, I think its kind of dumb... i mean the artist is talented, but it doesn't really grab me. Also the colors are kind not that attractive.. this is all opinion tho.

as far as a message, Iron woman? Its more like surfing maid or something... again, kind of juvenile, but I can see it appealing to a surfer crowd.


thats kinda cool, i like the green one most, i give it a 4


how is this offensive? because it's a WOMAN and she's got an IRON? and she's surfing on her ironing board? the PC police need to stop. maybe she just likes to have fun, ok? maybe ironing is boring, and she's got a playful imagination?

it's not sexist. it's not offensive. women iron, men iron. it's a picture of a woman ironing. who cares?


I would perhaps wear this. on the right color. 4$.


Fucking sexist.

Well drawn.

But fucking sexist.

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