irish car bomb

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irish car bomb by ekaj47 on Threadless
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thats what Extra Tasty is about - drinks. So yes this is a drink.

3/4 cup of Guinness - in a tall shot glass put half Jameson Irish whiskey and half Baileys Irish cream. Drop the shot glass into the Guinness and pound it. finish it quick before the Baileys curdles in the Guinness. if you drink it quick enough your last flavor should be of a chocolate milk shake.

3 of these in a half hour to 45 minutes should start your night out right. but drink em with a friend its more fun that way



Way to get your ass kicked in Ireland.


When I think of an Irish Car Bomb I think of a bomb in a car. Parked outside my house in 1982 because the IRA terrorists driving the car decided to abandon it there after a botched mission to blow up the local police station. But thats just me.

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hey all you people complaining about terrorists, move then if your afraid of terrorists or don't let them tell you what t-shirts you can and cannot wear. ridiculous. This is a t-shirt design, not a real bomb and not a political statement, RELAX.

If your that afraid of the world and cant look at a t-shirt design without fear then maybe you shouldn't be on the internet, there are a lot of worse things on the internet than t-shirt art.

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