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yea, best ipod parody

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they don't even do these ads anymore!


I am sure he has seen it then.


Why does it matter that they don't do those ads anymore? People still know about them. Wendy's hasn't done the "Where's the beef?" ads for years, but people still know about them, and a reference to them would still make sense to a lot of people.


its a spoof on an original much like all ripoffs but this is totally worth the purchase

justin.castaneda profile pic Artist

I'll be totally honest and tell you that I haven't seen that jinx shirt until the link ByronGiant sent. I actually googled the i'pood shirt before I decided to make the design. Iit gave me no links or images so I went ahead and made one that I thought was funny and more of a spoof to those ipod ads by eliminating the iPod all together and making the toliet and the paper the distinct white image.


When did you do this supposed search justin.castaneda? I did a google search for "i'pood shirt". The very first search result was for the shirt linked above. Granted, the designs are different, but I find it hard to believe you really couldn't find the already in existance shirt.



to be honest, even the best puns only work when off the cuff and in the moment.


First..I've known Justin for years and I can assure you all that a "rip-off" was definately unintentional. Also, I agree with sodacap bum..this one is better. Thunderpeal is right, a bite out of the poo would've made this classic!!

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