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ounom profile pic Artist

The pink triangle, now a gay pride and gay rights symbol, was originally used to denote homosexual men as a Nazi concentration camp badge.

Now on a T-shirt, IPinkTyou.


get up
stand up

stand up for your rights


I actually like the idea. Props

ounom profile pic Artist

thanks for all comments

ounom profile pic Artist

You're right, it's my first time, I will try to improve! ;)


@Cyanidee: The pink triangle is a very prominent symbol in the gay community. Few people who see this shirt would know of the Nazi relation (and the meaning has changed since, anyway) and I've never heard of that child molester relation. The triangle is used widely within and outside of the gay community, and many people recognize it.

That being said, I think the pink triangle is specific to lesbians now, isn't it? If you're aiming at the entire LGBT community I think a rainbow one would be better. Also, this shirt fits a pretty narrow market - I have some gay friends who would love this, but being straight myself I wouldn't consider buying or wearing it at all.

Skap 1er

Waaaay too much to read. Even after the long winded explanation, the phrase doesn't make sense

band-it profile pic Alumni

i appreciate the rights and pride aspect of this shirt, however, threadless just isn't the venue for shirts like this.


love this

ounom profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody!!


cute model, is he gay?
Great shirt!

ounom profile pic Artist

Thanks fishafoba!


I thought the pink triangle now represents child molesters who are proud.

I think you'll find child molesters are too busy drawing their drapes hoping that nobody is going to fire bomb their house to be worrying about T-shirt designs.

I think that cyanides comment was just a tired anti - gay slur that all gay men are interested in small boys.

As for the design itself, it's interesting enough but a bit too niche for Threadless. However I would have said the same about the Gay pride shirt and that sold well.

ounom profile pic Artist

Last day any comments? Thanks all

ounom profile pic Artist

This was my first contribution has not been bad, I hope to continue learning here.

Thanks to all!!

I´ll Come back! ;)

zenbolic vision

i mean it says if u are les or gay thing? this pink arrow means that?
however how pll will know this?

ounom profile pic Artist

I am glad you like it, thanks!


this shirt makes perfect sense to me. great concept and you have educated a lot of people in the process. to any gay person, this simple design speaks volumes. thanks.

ounom profile pic Artist

^I´m glad you like it! ;)

ounom profile pic Artist

Hi Jenna! First of all thanks!

My website is allways under construction :(, (no time for this), I work in Gd , ilustration & web, and learning video edit.

Hope to see you again! ;)

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