interlocking lives, lines, and transit lanes

Design by polynothing

interlocking lives, lines, and transit lanes by polynothing on Threadless
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polynothing profile pic Artist

thought I'd continue exploring what I did on "this is what we call a life drawing," this time with a direct theme of city imagery. hope you dig it.

Hi my name is

Do you have a larger version we could see?

jimmytan profile pic Alumni

wow~! ur sketching so mature~! like it

grayehound profile pic Alumni

man, you do that soooooo well! i love it!

herky profile pic Alumni

very cool line work and style, nice work.

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Alumni

I would buy this! Nice job!

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni
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It is good, but I agree it may be too similar.


Love it. If this one gets printed I'm getting it for sure.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

wow, seeing a lot great subs tonight, this included. love your contour drawing style.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

masterpiece! you did again!!! i like both! 5$! :D

polynothing profile pic Artist

Thanks for the compliments and feedback you guys!

BubuSam profile pic Alumni

Great skecthing shirt ever!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

really great 5$

polynothing profile pic Artist

a bit is frisco, a bit is long beach, a bit is anaheim

polynothing profile pic Artist

Thanks for the interest, and the comments! :)

polynothing profile pic Artist

Ups and Downs, it looks similar, probably due to the fact that I made that product :)

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

Listen up people, he made that design too. Quit thinking you are so clever. this design rocks! 5!


you know I still think this approach is awesome- in fact I like the new one even more. Just because it's similar to his other shirt, doesn't mean this one doesn't rock.
I think that this shirt kicks butt. $5

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

It's similar cuz it's his style, and it's an artist trademark, i think a lot of artist here are doing it so, in order for people to be familiar with the artist, so keep it up polynothing , this design is awsome=D

ALIADOTONY profile pic Alumni

i digg this one more than the


i really like it but i m not found of the colors u used...
i give u a +5 anyway
keep on this serie
great style!!!!


awesome, i doubt i will ever buy the other tee you designed but i still think its a great desgin. i give this one a 5 and i may buy it in the future if it printed


very , very, nice. so much to discover, like how it's entwined.

huebucket profile pic Alumni

love it!!! $5

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