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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

oh god .. ddr


why are there 7 arrows :/

plans profile pic Artist

arethiel, I also had something entirely different in mind, but I didn't have the time nor energy to make it into something really cool. Plus I have about 4 other projects going on right now, so this one got the least of my attention.

And yes, SXSW does take place in Texas.

plans profile pic Artist

There are 8 arrows....

plans profile pic Artist

^ Hey just remember that stuff like that is not set in stone, so if chosen for print, it would be a very simple thing for me to remove the outline. Or any other small changes you have for that matter.

plans profile pic Artist

In the other shirt options, the pink arrow is the same color as the shirt, and the green the same green etc.

plans profile pic Artist

Well, it points to texas because that's where South by Southwest takes place.


there are 4 arrows in ddr... but this is cool anyway.

plans profile pic Artist

I thought the whole idea with the ddr + sxsw arrows being similar was cool, and then I wanted to have people dancing across the globe, or what you see now, but I didn't have enough time.



i'm PSYCHED. it'll be my first SXSW where i'm legal!

oh and i like this shirt because i in fact play DDR in texas.

so it's PERFECT.

plans profile pic Artist

SXSW is in texas. that's the point. and this is for the SXSW competition.

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