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Great, and first 3-d output I've seen here. But why does the paper and flower meet in such an awkward way?

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Thanks guys. This isn't 3-D, just plain old Illustrator, so many thanks for that compliment.

I worked on this right up to the last second getting it in for the deadline, but I wasn't 100% happy with the rug's layout. I'm going to post a blog with color and layout variations soon.


the detail is so fine, but I seriously think the potted plant with the satellite dishes could stand alone

very unusual, I like man


^ I agree. I don't like the face. I understand it, but I don't like it.


That is fricking awesome! Love the idea! Love the perspective! Love the colours. Awesome execution! Well done Graye! This is the winner!


I think you need to toss this on your list. Don't count yourself out.

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I have 5 varitions up in this blog:



That satellite plant is so very strong in it of itself that i wonder if the rest of the illustration is needed.

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I wonder if the judges would consider just a part of the design. If not, oh well.

Thanks for all the feedback, gang!


I like your 4th variation ( Robsoul's suggestion )
with the potted satellite plant only.
I couldn't tell the finger was touching
an outlet in the design until I zoomed
REAL close to it.

I want to see other techno plants
included that look like they are
sending signals outward next
to the ones receiving signals.

Mr Rocks

You are one clever bastard, thats for sure.

I know I can't, but a 6 and buy from me.


Wow! I love the variations you've done, too. #3 is my favorite. I don't think you need the rug at all. Beautiful illustration as usual!

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what the f?
that score belongs not here.

Mr Rocks

I am very disapointed in most voters on this. I'd assume it's lots of kids in the same competition who wouldn't know a great design if the threw one up! Deserved to break a 3 for sure, Sorry Graye.

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I cannot believe my eyes...

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