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Insert your coin here by rodrigobhz on Threadless
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They say... love is just a game. But you know, sometimes love can be such a slot!


You can see a large-size preview here:

2nd submission, hope you like it!


Super cute! $5


i can't even find words to say how much i love this one!

love the idea and the design is just perfect


good illustration.
but yeah, a bit too big on the tshirt.

C Kid


2 designs submitted - Score now!

Also, if you ever wanna collab on something sometime, lemme know at I'll go now.

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

The illo is BIG because of the details on the display of the slot machine... And I think the size matches with the original idea of 'insert your coin here': People can run their luck on your t-shirt if they want to! :)

Thanks a lot for the comments and the scores! And thanks FRICKINAWESOME! It would be my pleasure to collab. I own a slogan tee 'I listen to the bands...' and I LOVE IT!

If you guys got some extra-time help me with this one here:


super!! $5

Yak Herder

I agree, wonderful design but not necessarily for a t-shirt


nice concept and execution 5

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

Thanks for the nice comments guys

quister: the little heart on the top of the slot machine is supposed to be a lightbulb that shines when someone wins!


Just a little smaller. Loving the colours.


Really good, I do think it should be smaller too though

rodrigobhz profile pic Artist

It's ending soon, thanks for the comments and scores!

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