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franx profile pic Alumni

did you "borrow" some of that kid from "Distant Future" not the wisest choice to take from a previous winner if you ask me.

good luck.


text is phenominal.. so is design. i would deff buy this 5$

secretly robots
secretly robots profile pic Alumni

it's absolutely impossible that you made that kid "from scratch"... so i'm guessing the rest of the design is probably not from scratch either.


oh please- its not THAT close.


its not a swp, is what im saying.


Being a ninja never looked so good it is extrememly similar. you're saying it "looks nothing like it". to say its not a copy is one say it "looks nothing like it" is another. are you guys best friends or something?


i wanted to make a shirt with random stick people on them, considering i draw 1 every day, but i dont know how to put it on threadless.


i didnt mean it to you willypiva (even though its your design)...i meant it to that person (being a ninja never looked so good). they said that it looked totally different...and all i was saying is that it looked similar.


the sad thing is this design would look better without the kid anyway


its just a kid
one has long pants the other one have shorts---

for me its not a copy but they look similar...

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