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Ink Tank by danrule on Threadless
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...though it's major design flaw is running out of ammunition far too quickly.

The genesis of this pun is the almighty Bramish.

There's a 6 sec color rotation; on black, grey and white.


I hate the way the ink looks (like balloons being blown up), I think it really ought to splatter.

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Damn, forgot about that fish tank tee...this site ain't big enough for two "something"-tank puns is it?


This is NOT better than fish tank, but there's been plenty of tanks printed on shirts here that i wouldn't worry about th comparison. This is going for a completely different concept, and i must say i quite enjoy what it accomplishes. Not thrilled aboutthe placement, but the rest is thrilling enough for a print job.


And there's Glennz's Swiss Army tank in print queue.


it's neck to neck in which color i like it in best but i think i'm going to have to go with having it on black. 5 and buy


Nice on black or white :)


you never cease to impress me...

...wouldnt it be cool to have an art brand called Ink Tank? Genius. 5.

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Ha, Ste7en! if only...


Still love it. I told you it needed no further work.

50/50 split on the winnings right?


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