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yes, yellow on blue:)


My average is slowly going up today with all the 4's and 5's I've been giving out. Nice work.

injosh profile pic Artist

I have always been connected to China's industry, from sending art files to them for years now, and just recently I went there to meet my girlfriends parents. This shirt is inspired by these things, so I'm not expressing a pro or anti communism viewpoint with this design. China is what it is, and so is this potential shirt. Thanks.


Me likey. Fiven + $.

injosh profile pic Artist

If you mean the graphic treatment, I was trying to capture a aged Chinese painterly look.

southworth profile pic Alumni

Why are YOU so flaky?

injosh profile pic Artist

cuzz I'm spent from this design...zzz


I really like this, but I'm not sure why.

injosh profile pic Artist
injosh profile pic Artist

Right on, gothinne!
If your wondering at all, there are two phrases written in Chinese within the dragon. From left to right, the first reads "Study Hard Improve Every Day", which was Charmin Mao’s advise to young students and hung on the wall of every classroom. The second reads " Wal-Mart Super Store". I hade the pleasure of visiting a Wal-Mart Super Store in Beijing. Picture one of our Wal-Marts stacked on top of itself four times. Yep, four story Wal-Marts. They have long flat escaladers that have a gradual incline to get form floor to floor. The escaladers have no steps so you can put your carriage on it, which have groves in the wheals to fit the groves in the escalader - so it wont roll back on you.
Impressive, huh?


i love the yellow on blue combo, it actually reminds me of a woodblock print, and i love it even more after reading that it says wal-mart super store!


oh yes, awesome. White on red is best! I want this shirt.


Interesting design, I might buy it if it's printed. I like the yellowblue and the green/green...the white/red is nifty too. Love the dragon and hidden messages :)


davidkappelt, you make me sad for humanity.


Love the yellow and blue and the white and red... very very awesome. 5!


very cool! I like the yellow on blue and the red on grey!

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

very nice I would totally wear this. 5$

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

I really like it on dark grey!


Acanthus: One child policy had its own complicated painful backgroud in China histroy. It was not as simple as human rights or any other single element... This policy was not a perfect solution to China's huge population problem, but the fact is, this policy has played a very important role in China's development process... It is a sensitive topic and it is very hard to understand if people don't have enough knowlege about China and its history... Anyway, here is a quick update, the policy has been changed in the past few years: a Chinese citizen can have more than one child under certain conditions ...

Go back to this T-shirt design, I don't think it expressed any political standing, according to the statistics, 85% of Wal-Mart's suppliers are in China! The designer only turned a well-known fact into an awesome art work by using a Chinese traditional art form. 5+$!

injosh profile pic Artist

Thanks Pookapei!


i like the red on black and the green one.

very cool.

injosh profile pic Artist

You get what you pay for in China. There for, you get some crap and quality. The majority of Macintosh products are made in China, hence the Ipods in the dragon.

injosh profile pic Artist

All this design dose is state the obvious. It shows the progression of China becoming the worlds largest industrial giant or (Dragon). You don't need to form a political opinion about China on any level
to wear this shirt.

By the way, the watermelon was the first major international export from China. The rest of the world was not vary familiar with this fruit until then. China, I think, is still the worlds largest exporter of watermelon.

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