in the shadow of...

Design by travis76

in the shadow of...



dunno if I'd wear it but it's a good idea. I always enjoy a new submission from you, travis.

Mr Rocks

Travis, hot stuff my man!! I am gonna blow my karma out here and give a fellow competitor a 5. I can see this getting printed dude...DAMN IT! Seriously, nice, I like the treatment, and colour palette. Good luck man.


very nice... 5+$


i give this a 4 for now, because i'm not to fond of the man standing there, looks like rushed last minute thing

but sort that out and i'll throw you a 5/buy

funkie fresh

that cube is hot...but yea, the man needs some fixin


I definitely think that the man should be simple and blocky, but he needs to have some substance, like the block. Give him a little dimension (again like the block)


like the concept, especially the typographic solution and incorporation of a monolith harking to 2001: space odyessey but the man just bugs me... you need a bunch of "damn dirty apes" running around the block or something.


I like this. $5

don't change it, it's a style


very cool


i like it, keep it as is, don't change the man


sweet typography! 5+BUY!

Watch out little man! Don't get squashed!

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