In the deep ocean

Design by egg stroke

In the deep ocean by egg stroke on Threadless
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palitosci profile pic Alumni

buen dibujo... $4

Asi y todo creo que hay muchos diseƱos que estan utilizando cabelleras... No hay que trillar los estilos.
El tuyo... muy bien resuelto.


I agree with the previous posters -- the design is stronger with just the mermaid. Gorgeous line work.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

trippyhippie on Jun 11 '08
The whales and the boat need to go

walmazan profile pic Alumni

nice lines, nice style!


I agree, definitely5$ if you loose the ship and whales. They're cute, but somehow seem out of place, the mermaid being so delicate. And I really like the mermaid.




Love the mermaid, hate the whale & such. I'm giving you a 5 on the understanding that it is for the mermaid and not that other stuff.

I Usually Think

I'm giving it a 4; it'd get a 5 and a buy without the whales and ship.


byea to whale and ship. dont really get what they are doing there


Agree about whales and boat, unless frickin's advice works... I don't see how they'd be repositioned without detracting, though. Lose them and you have a sure $5 from me, and lots from other people.


Please no boat/whale!!


i agree you need to get rid of the whales and the little boat. also do something to her hand that's in the air, like define the fingers more. as it is, it just looks a little strange. other than that, awesome drawing, with great lines in the hair!


I agree with the others. Ditch the whales and boat. The mermaid is stunning all by herself.


loose the little whales or make them not so cartoony

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