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In The Closet by bananaphone on Threadless
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bananaphone profile pic Artist

maybe... but dont expect me to share you with your other man.


Don't do it Matt! It's a trap!

This is almost as good a 'Nam.


*a = as

I cannot type today.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I knew this was yours. I like it but it's no John West!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is the greatest design ever!
I swear, one of your designs is bound to get printed soon.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

hah I can hope but I won't cross my fingers =) Chances are they will be printed one day, by me =P


I would never wear it but I like the idea. 4

bananaphone profile pic Artist

well beeski im guessing her being engaged/married is a possible reason for a break up =P

.onion profile pic Alumni

this is very clever :]
i only wish you made the hand a little bigger and maybe more detailed, so people can tell that the skeleton is um... performing stereotypically gay hand gestures.

mrs. squid

This is fucking awsome! Definately you're best yet.
Threadless please print this!


the theme reminds me of the rainbows are gay shirt on busted tees. plus i would hate to half to explain the skeleton in the closet part of it to everyone that sees the shirt. funny but too much work to make others share in the humor.


It kind of looks like it says "sheletons." I got this immediately without the explanation, so not all of us need it. ; )

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

Great and so funny^^

bananaphone profile pic Artist

not everyone should need it explained to them though, at the very least it is an immature and amusing random tshirt, at the most well you had me explain it to you.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

sounds like the only thing that isn't funny rachel, is your boring sense of humour. Pull the rod out of your ass and try smiling about something.

Anything that could have identified the skeleton as "gay" would have been a stereotype.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

you're damn right, to assume that this hand gesture stereotype is a negative stereotype and that im homophobic for representing it is ridiculous. People need to be more open and less precious.

bananaphone profile pic Artist

"i wish the drawing were more realistic. "

I could do that easily but i deliberately made it a little cartoony so people wouldn't blabber on about google images =P

ladrones profile pic Alumni

jesus, i dont think i've seen this ever until right now

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