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mezo profile pic Artist

(can't believe i have to explain this...)

JEST means witty or joke, yes.
IN JEST sounds also like INGEST, which means to take into the body by the mouth.

SO. We have:
1. Joke
2. Mouth
3. Lipstick
4. Cocktail weiner


mezo profile pic Artist

DANG. Nobody gets my lame, subtle, mind-in-the-gutter humor.
Got almost the same reaction to my Mustache Ride design.
Does there has to be a blatent penis on the shirt for anyone to "get it"?


i think this is good

grayehound profile pic Alumni

Where's the penis?

Oh, wait. It's indirect humor. Sorry, lady, but indirect humor doesn't play well with the mob. If you don't spell it out using monosyllables, most won't get it. There is that aesthete elite who will...but let's face it, we hate them anyway. Posers.

Your typography could be better and the balance of the layout is a bit off, but it's still an nicely done illustration (much like the rest of your stuff) and a good idea.


Phooey, i don't think it matters if you get it or not (though really it's kinda tricky not to), it's a good desgin.

mezo profile pic Artist

Where do ladies apply lipstick? On their LIPS.
AKA where their MOUTHS are.
AKA where the cocktail weiner goes.

For the love of...I'm surrounded by...I give up.
*throws wacom pen


Jeez... i got this right away... if any of these ever get made... i will wear one proudly

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