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In a Pinch by The Gold Baron on Threadless
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the czar

Very nicely done. Maybe too subtle? Took me a bit to see.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Great concept and execution. The Glass could have been a tad more refined, but overall its inceonsequential. 5.


This is the superstition, from Wikipedia:

"Spilling salt may cause a fight or argument during this day. There are several options to "undo" this which seem to relate to various ways of acknowledging the fact that salt was spilled with others present at the scene. One way to revert this is tossing some salt over one's left shoulder. "

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Works well on the shirt, especially with the salt on the shoulder... really nice idea!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

expertly executed - another fantastic sub gold baron 5$

artdrops profile pic Alumni

awesome $5

grayehound profile pic Alumni

conceptually, this is fantastic. you've put in a lot of little subtle details that make the design more and more interesting. love the words in the salt, the smily face on the top of the salt container...nice work!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I'm glad you noticed the smily face :-)

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Great concept and the art is fantastic!!!


i wanted the salt shaker to be evil, or at least not look like he has a smiley face on ;_; but don't worry, i love it. $5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Great idea here, i just wish some more smaller details were involved in all the spilled salt on the front. Maybe a few things from history that demonstrated bad luck or horrible consequences...slaves building the pyramids could easily be made in the front or as being carried in the back (especially since those are the times this superstition came from) etc.


the cap has a smiley face in it...

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Rad! this is really clean and well done, dont like the "face" on the shaker though, its not really needed

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

oh wow... it took a me a moment to see the lettering.... i love this. subtle and clean. $5.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni


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