Imagination Take Flight

Design by TOSOMB

Imagination Take Flight by TOSOMB on Threadless
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TOSOMB profile pic Artist

This design is an interpretation of the Imagination.
The swallows represent liberty and freedom of mind.
Made with pencil and Zakura pens.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Didn't Ste7en already corner the market on things with hands for heads? lol. anywho, like it has been said more than a bunch of numerous lotta times already, extend out the circles and make the whole design fill the front of the shirt to integrate it more on the tee...this feels like DBH print material if it doesn't win over here.


WOW for the rendering!

walmazan profile pic Alumni

great, looks amazing! $5

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Hot damn, well done!

thINK profile pic Alumni

nice details

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