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briancook profile pic Artist

You ask kids what they want to be nowadays and they always seem to come up with something involving money. Forget about CEOs and superstars, where are those kids who want to be cowboys, spacemen and superheroes? This design is for anybody who wanted to obtain the unobtainable when they grew up.

Larger view here.


Excellent details and concept.


I think this is your best work so far Brian!


i think this needs some colour tbh

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great characters 5$

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks, Eric and everyone else for your positive comments.

madenew - I did consider making the imaginary characters kids, but as a kid I didn't play at being a kid version of those different things; I imagined myself as the real thing. Plus I kind of liked the reversal of the ridiculous adults characters and the career oriented kid.

squidspawn - he's the one in the knight costume :)

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

I really like the minimal colors used, it really brings the focus onto the boy. I also like how the imaginary characters are drawn in line. GREAT!

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters, I like it on the darker gray.


beautiful design, beautiful message, but you might want to make the clothes of the boy more serious, so the person who sees it would see that something is wrong. the first time i saw this, i thought it was a concept artist running out of ideas or something. i love how all the characters look sad.

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks, irmo - those are good observations. I wouldn't mind it being interpreted differently.

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

I really like how you've refined your style from your earlier subs, and your character work on this one is top notch, too


love the idea!!! Great drawing too!! $5


Reminds me of the sleep commercial with Abe Lincoln and the beaver.


I LOVE THIS. Im a graphic designer, so I get a lot of "Your just in it because it pays" crap from some artists. This is absolutely wonderful. I actually like the act that he is wearing dad's shoes, but i didn't get that at first, so irmo might be right. Its also just rewarding to see something when you get closer so you can leave it :D


p.s. GLad that the red print isnt actually on teh shirt.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Wow, great characters and style!

briancook profile pic Artist

Thank you gonzalez, I like sticking that little stuff in there and I'm glad to hear that people like the design enough to investigate further.

IanLeino - Thanks for your comment, those first few subs that I submitted over a year ago....are not my favorite. I may have Threadless delete them at some point :)...Plus they were done before I could livetrace any of my linework, which has helped a ton.

Thank you all for the comments, I really appreciate hearing what you think.

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