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I like the airplane a little better but this series is beautiful.

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

Soooo cute!!!! 5$

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

I really like all of these!!! You know...I'd like to see a version with all 3 of them on one shirt too. I think that would really show that it's really up to the child what they want to be. You could even add a couple more colors to switch it up on one of the kids. And if you do that, make sure to have the children and boxes all looking slightly different. It wouldn't work very well with them all copied and pasted.


this is cute. all of ur work is nice.. and u should try putting all of them on one shirt... :]


I wouldn't wear this one, as I never wanted to be a princess :p, but it's very well done. I disagree about putting it all on one shirt though...


the child is a little too young and the more i look at it the more the clunkiness of the child bothers me. great colors and concept


This is cute $5.. but I think that pink is a wee but too intense for me. I'd go with a softer pink.


These are ALL awesome


I love this, but why do little girls ALWAYS get stuck with pink? Can't we get rid of the pink altogether? Yellow maybe? Or aqua?

Ava Adore

nice, all the versions look great!


Give me one now!!!! Its so cute! $5


I'd love to see the knight version with a aper dragon.


I think I like the pirate one best, but I really like them all!


I love them all! The Airplane is the best but I have 3 girls so totally dig this. Love your color choices. Awesome


They're all great, how many are you going to make? how about an astronaut one, bulldozer?, love to see a bunch of these all on one tee

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