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The Ending

Like it. Think i like the plane version do did better though. If you make these youself you should do a whole series!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

No!!! Just love the series! I think it's a good idea because we didnt had all the same dream when we were young! And btw.. Pirate rulez!!

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

This is the one I prefer.


I think I prefer the plane one, but I'd wear either one. Cool shirt.


I would like to suggest you put all your cardboard box designs on one shirt, but put the kids in interesting postures. See how many more you can create and then use the Threadless Blog Forum to get feedback before submitting. ( train, submarine, moon lander, robot body, etc. )


I would deff buy this for my little nephew.


OK, where is the cowboy and ninja? (maybe cowgirl?)

ladykat profile pic Alumni

my fave of the series methinks. arrr!


and this one! $5


XD!!! PIRATE VERSION!!! i like this one more, because i have quite the thing for pirates.


This is so classic threadless. Great sub. I don't know if I like the pirate or the pilot better. I like helo's idea of combining the series onto one shirt, perhaps a whole room of toddlers and boxes that illustrates the differences people make of the same object. This is a total 5, but I think an integration of the series into one cohesive piece could make this a total classic. Bravo.

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