I'm the Last Dinosaur

Design by loglow

I'm the Last Dinosaur by loglow on Threadless
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ditch the box around the text

bortwein profile pic Alumni

Don't get rid of anything. The text box is great, the silhouette is perfect, and if you took away any one of these items you have now, it just would be a different design. So stick it out, it's a good design as is.

If you people don't like the Text, then skip it instead of voting it low, when people just vote low because they don't like the text then that's how people get nasty bad scores around here instead of well deserved ones for good design.

loglow profile pic Artist

I really can't believe you just said "text is lazy design."


yeah, for example try "russel, how's yer ma" with a dinosaur and a unicorn or whatever just staring blankly at each other.
there is no way that "text is lazy design"




very cute... i like it a lot!
i think it must be printed...

loglow profile pic Artist

No, nod4nee, it isn't.

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