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I'm Ready! I hope... by ChrisDB on Threadless
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A design based on global warming. The theme for Moby Loves, 'Last Night' is being explored by the polar bear as he prepares to spend his last moments/ last night in the Arctic. Cheer up that polar bear by givin him a High 5! lol

Can't wait to hear your comments


Your bear looks very funny. 'enjoy it


I absolutely love this one...the bear is cute and it sends a good message. I would definitely wear it. I give it 5!

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crud! the colours look a bit different when i'm on the pc in work! the green looks too radioactive and the bear is a bit too cream coloured. I hope u guys see it the way it shows on my home pc.
thanks for the comments so far!

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looks good on heather, sand and brown too!


it's fun.

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hey thanks for the great comments guys & gals. I really should've put a different colour option for u all to check out. But trust me, it looks pretty cool on heather, sand and brown too.

ChrisDB profile pic Artist

arite folks, we're in the home stretch now! time to get those 5s and those $$$ in while u can......pleeeeeeeeease!! lol ;) ha


I think you need to lose the text. I think the idea would work better with an (obviously) shrinking bit of ice floe and the polar bear with the snorkel and the inflatable thingy. That I could give a a 5$ to. This I wouldn't wear currently. It's too too overstated. But I do love the bear with the swim gear (oh and lose the briefcase... =] ).

ChrisDB profile pic Artist

actually this design started out without all the text and i was just thinking about a cool way to draw the water and background if any and then the idea for the text as water just hit me. I think i like it more with the text, but it's up to u guys!
& it's not a briefcase! lol, it's his suitcase! I did have clothes kinda sticking out of it, but it wasn't lookin very much like clothes so i just left it out.

ChrisDB profile pic Artist

scoring's done! 1.76 :(
oh well, the goal for this one was to make it through a whole week without having my design being dropped early! lol
still wanna thank everyone who voted and especially those who commented.

stay tuned....cuz next time, we're gonna break the 2 barrier...I hope!

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