I'm not ugly ! I'm bitter !

Design by salihgonenli

I'm not ugly ! I'm bitter ! by salihgonenli on Threadless
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salihgonenli profile pic Artist

actually i'm not happy with the result, but hope you like it...


Be careful, can come across racist.

Pez Banana

it's a nice design allright


Racist dude. Not cool

salihgonenli profile pic Artist

i just focus chocolates and the story of "the ugly duckling" not thr racism but anyway, i will think carefully for next shirt designs.


Its gonna get called "racist". I get it, its funny. But the racist card is gonna get pulled every time....

BeanePod profile pic Alumni
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should've gone w/ milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate to avoid said labeling. it is a pc world we live in.


To be honest, I had no idea what they were until I read the comments. It's a really cute concept and drawing though!! I personally don't like white chocolate so I'd like it if the roles were flipped. I'd only say either flip the roles, or do milk VS dark, like BeanePod said, for those types of people who would take something like this the wrong way. It's too bad there are people like that out there. We just care about ya and want to let you know! ^_^


I like it!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

You probably didn't realize it when you were making it but yeah.....I'd think 90 percent of the people who would see me if I wore this design would assume I subscribe to the KKK daily twitter feed.


it does not look lige chocolate...

goliath72 profile pic Alumni


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