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I'm not a pirate

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I'm not a pirate by savianty on Threadless
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this isn't irony, it is stupidity. zero.


Oh snap. Good one gillian. We gots mad detective skillz amongst us and we cannot be fooled so easily! Z to the E-R-O.

Frank Vice

stop saying he's a thief, etc etc

this is stolen, yes, but all of the modern companies who produce this also stole it. it was originally flown by Henry Avery (a real pirate)


Throwing this on a shirt is like throwing a smiley face on one. The image is clearly not-copyrighted since it is so old, but it is also clear you didn't come up with it. If you had come up with a clever way to utilize it, that would've been a different story. Sorry dude. no.


Cudos to Frank Vice for knowing that this belonged to Henry Avery. Pretty sure that if you had flown his colors when he was alive he would have blown you out of the water. Because it is the insignia of a real pirate (you may or may not have known this)...were you going for irony? I am a boater...for a living its what I do....charter vessel...can could be convinced to wear just about anything with a pirate logo...wouldn't be caught dead in this one though.

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Is this stuckwithpins?

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