I'm Going to Sneeze!!!

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I'm Going to Sneeze!!! by adistupid on Threadless
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adistupid profile pic Artist

"Stand Back!" said the Elephant, "i'm going to Sneeze"

7 color on cream tee.



woah! i can see this printing :)


Yes the surrounding animals are in the same spots, but the hippo now appears to be a bear.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

my guess is that this is based on that book cover, probably not meant to be a rip off, but like an homage sort of thing. But it is too close in this version to the original.

You need to mix it up more and make it more of your own thing.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

haha great 5$


ha ha ha 5$

Bunny Dojo

I really love the colors and idea here.

The book similarity is a real shame since my favorite part -- the elephant grabbing his trunk -- is where yours differs most.

As much as I like the design, I'm going to wait to score, as I have faith there must just be some mixup here that you can clear up.


haha funny

adistupid profile pic Artist

when i see that book cover, i have an idea the elephant grabbing his trunk. i just draw the elephant and draw the rest too close to the original, because i like that design very much. anyway... thanks for the comments, i really need it.


hahahah 5!!!! this is SOOOOOO awesome


I think it's pretty clear its a homage, seriously google his description and the text on the presentation, see if you don't come across 20 images on the first page of the book cover art.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Great concept! Great artwork! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Great concept! Great artwork! GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

oh.... upon looking at the book cover, I suddenly am not a fan of this. It's way too close to the original. Those zebras are all but exact twins... gotta give you a 1. I'm tempted to go with a zero because it's such a lazy "homage"

Nacho G

Such a shame it looks pretty identical than the original, if the intention was a homage you should have made it more evident adding a more personal style... the drawing is nice


very nice!

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