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this made me and my friends laugh a lot, good job!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really fun take on the whole "are you my mom?" played-out scene of fruits and animals. I'd like this done in a different style and a bit bigger, but thank god someone broke some new ground in the idea territory with this concept!


This is great, like someone else noted the illustration is not very good, but the idea is hilarious.


I thought only male cows had the horns?

actuall, all cows have horns, its just that farmers cut of horns quite often.. (I think the cows get less injuries or some other stupid reason..)


Make it a cheeseburger instead of milk ??


I love milk...
I love meat...
then I love this tee...


Can't fault it - c'mon people the style is perfect!!!! :) Cheeky abstract comic book kind of thing - I'm impressed. I love this sort of art...

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