I'm at war with myself

Design by mockart

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Um, I like the idea, perhaps, try use a different treatment on one particular little critter, that way you have a focus point...maybe put him one of the lower left hand corner ones? Otherwise great :)


This is awesome! 5


I love that the minimal color difference makes it so subtle but at the same time there is so much detail in it. $5


I need to see more detail... not much more, but... 20% or so more color difference... otherwise, not visible enough to pay the money to wear.I like the little guys, though. something tells me a tinge of somecolorlikelimeormagenta would make great little teeny accents on something like this, even though it's obvious your intention is otherwise.


yeaaaa, i'm gonna have to disagree with you there. Perfect as is.


nice color to potray the war with myself theory,,
that is not yet to be displayed fully outside
hence goes within you in a subtle formatt...
for anyone to know u hav to get close to .. the tee


i think this is AMAZING


No more contrast! Really cool as it is.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Love some of the characters in this, but wish there was a little more contrast. Also, I dig the monochromatic look but it would been really cool coloured in black, white, different shades of grey.


can't see it. but love it. ...but i can't see it.


really like it, love the color choice


very nice, i've been looking for a shirt similar to this for a while

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