I'm Afraid of Americans

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I'm Afraid of Americans by Cy-Co on Threadless
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inspired by David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" and influenced by the video and other rock style imagery.

I haven't looked at all 150+ but is this really the first Bowie entry?

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very nice!5

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emilyrolly - no I did think this through. What I was trying to represent was the negative aspects of the American culture as depicted through the media and government. I'm not sure what you find racist about it. Let me clarify, the imagery was selected to represent war, violence, greed/gambling, drugs then also corrupt government. I am not meaning to offend anyone.


actaully recent studies show that china is turning into the worlds biggest asshole, america is still #2 in douchebaggery but we are being overcome slowly and surely.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love that song and video.

Cy-Co profile pic Artist

I'd like to thank everyone for the feedback. It's good to know what people like and not like about my work.

thegoodpope profile pic Alumni

I like it! And unfortunately I think you are the only Bowie design
(I wanted to do Ashes to Ashes, but decide to try something else.)
So you get extra points from me! $5

Bowie's been over shadowed by Lady Gaga :(

Cy-Co profile pic Artist

Well the voting is over. I'm glad this design made it the 7 days without finishing early. Thanks again to everyone who voted and left comments to help out my design. Even though the voting is over, if you'd still like to comment on what you like or would like to see changed I'd be glad to hear it.

Cy-Co profile pic Artist

thanks again

Cy-Co profile pic Artist

<del>thanks again</del>


sweet design guns oil bombs gambling coke faceless politician! where are the prostitutes? who wouldn't be afraid of americans?!!

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