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soloyo profile pic Alumni



Hahaha "Lassie Come Home!" 5$

Double Dragon

complete rip of aled's series. why do that?

ValerieStrecker profile pic Artist

Awe, I am a great admirer of Aled Lewis' brilliant creativity... and I would love to own that book! Inspired by his wit? Yes! Copy his joke, pun,... parody? Never.

Let's breath in and break it down for a moment... there are two ways you can express a still, visual concept - draw it or photograph it. And silly puns, bright colors, sans-serif hipster fonts and talking animals are nothing new to Threadless, memes,… and our own childhoods’. The proprietary beauty of Aled’s "Toy Stories" is his remarkably sharp humor.

Nitty-gritty-wise… Aled seems to work pretty exclusively with new plastic animal toys, especially Safari Ltd - one of my favorites growing up - which magnificently and sometimes entirely play within the perimeters of that chosen manufacture. I created my concept with a vintage decorative ceramic figurine and found and created objects over several eras. I played with dozens of typefaces and talk bubbles and even took a blind survey from those who had yet to discover Aled’s brilliance and the final tally stacked up for this version of my one-liner and photographed objects.

Robo Rat
Robo Rat profile pic Alumni

This is so awesome that fatheed will even give this a 5 with proof in the notifications. Peace y'all!

Ryder profile pic Alumni

you're bananas if you think you didn't completely rip his style and idea...

you even copied the type style hahaha.

SteveOramA profile pic Alumni

Although that was a great, well thought out explanation, this design in particular is still highly inspired by Aled's work. If people instantly recognize who's it should be then you may have missed the mark on being original.

With that being said, it is conceptually done nicely. I highly doubt that Threadless as a company, an avid supporter of Aled's work, would print this with good intentions and for that reason, I'm out.

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