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nickv47 profile pic Artist

Illinois + Blagojevich = Illinoisjevich. Illinois' looking pretty swank with that 'doo.


oh man......oh many mixed emotions.....
as a chicago citizen, this is incredible......
but the hair's covering, no, enveloping my fair city...
but so YES

nickv47 profile pic Artist

YES, c'mon man. I'm from the north side, Blago's bangs are def covering the crap out of my part of town.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This is actually kind of amazing. A little too timely to be a long-termer shirt, but I love the loose way you drew this and the amazing hairpiece on top o the state. I wouldn't be mad to see this printed if not on Threadless somewhere else on the internetosphere.

SuperRyan profile pic Alumni

I'm not such a big fan of the text, but I really dig your style

nickv47 profile pic Artist

als24: making fun of all of the above?

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