I'll wait forever

Design by secretly robots

I'll wait forever by secretly robots on Threadless
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Is that a lighthouse in the foreground? That sailboat must be freakin' ginormous.


quite awesome. i'd complain about the number of shirts done in this style but they are all so well done

d3d profile pic Alumni

not so fond of this one but it looks like something threadless would print. well done.


Same feeling as Time Fades...

which i hated.


I had the same thought about Time Fades. This looks very much like you used a photograph without changing anything (thus the crazy lighthouse) and just tacked on the boat.

I don't have any particular problem with this design strategy, but if it's true, you might want to say so now, rather than cause another oh-dear-heavens scandal if it's printed.


The lighthouse reminds me of one of those tacky little model lighthouses.

Friggin' huge boat, apparently, and yes, it does annoy me, particularly because the boat is sitting on the horizon.

How big is this boat?


I love this! Awesome. 5$

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

nice work man. Excellent job on the negative space. The lighthouse is a bit off scale, I agree, but it's still very wearable!


it reminds me of Chrono Cross. I love that game.


Good design, awkward lighthouse. I'd give it a 4, only because it's a little on the plain side >.<


make the lighthouse bigger and/or the boat smaller


oh, and how far can you go in a sailbot?

that said, i like the colors and the general idea.

acruz profile pic Alumni

You are a great artits.

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