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Wow. And here I thought I'd never see another iPod ad parody. Much less, one from a blogger.

But it looks great. Good job.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

I chose AB because people with AB can recieve any type of blood.
Also because one letter centered didnt look as asthetically pleasing to me (thats the real reason).

andyg profile pic Alumni

There's something kind of tasteless about this one.


O- would've been much better.
The font is horrid.
the right leg is mutilated.


Something about her right leg is bothering me... the knee is bent inward but then the shoe is facing the opposite way.


O- is the universal donor type, so that would be better

and the nurses I know would've grabbed her and strapped her down to the table if she even tried to sit up, much less dance

Ste7en profile pic Artist

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone. I realize I rushed this one into the running and I regret it now, but I could and would definitely make some of the changes people have suggested.

This design is actually inspired by a member here, KatieLadie. She was dancing while giving blood the other day, I doubt wildly like this but thats what art is for: To exaggerate reality.

That said, I realize exaggerations aside this still needs some work. I've already got a version with the fixed leg and arm. I might remove the blood type altogether, its pretty obvious what it is without the text.

thanks again -steve


I think her legs/feet look fine, but the right hand is a bit... off. Maybe with all the complains about the letter on the bag, changing it to a blood droplet would be easier for everyone to 'get'? I dunno.

I really like it, though. It's probably my favourite Red Cross submission yet.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

I think this sorta thing would be fine by threadless... but to have such a large volunteer organization be associated with the process you might actually have to consider copyright infringment... im one of the people who usually could care less but in a competition i think the judges might really consider that, also as has been stated... the anatomy is really wonky


I like the lighthearted approach, I like the
text, and I would like the concept presented
on a red shirt.

The only thing bothering me is that the
image of the dancing girl shows her receiving
blood while the text makes it look like she is
saying she gives blood. When I donated blood
the blood pack would be below the needle in
my arm. When receiving blood the blood pack
is above the needle in the arm.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

O can give blood to anyone actually. People with A blood produce plasma anti bodies that attack B type so they can recieve A or O. People with B produce antibodies for A, so they can recieve B or O, and AB produce no anti bodies so they can accept O as well, and O can accept O obviously.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

well helo I stand corrected, though it still appears O has the best chance of mixing with everyone


this is an amazing idea. if you would just tweak the anatomy as described by previous commenters (right hand and leg particularly), i would totally buy this shirt. like whoa.
i think it helps to have the bag labeled because then you know what the woman is giving. the blood type on the label is not as important as the anatomical issues.


What's with the Dance Dance Revolution girl?



Ste7en profile pic Artist

I should set the record straight on that hand: Its actually correctly drawn, and if it werent a silhouette one would see that her hand is actually just bent as it swings back. If this were to be printed though, I would make a new more obvious position for the hand to be in, so peopl understood it.


Way to make a parody actually humorous and work instead of just overdone. Great stuff.


I like it alot. $5
[cept the font, but nevertheless <33]

Ste7en profile pic Artist

shes happy because shes recieving blood, from somone who gives it. think: "I give blood to people like that happy dancing girl"


I wasn't able to vote on this, but I really like it! :]


iPear = better..>>


some of the comments on this shirt make me really angry

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