If you want to destroy my chain mail...

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If you want to destroy my chain mail... by Ian Leino on Threadless
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Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Artist

(whoa whoa whoa)
Just hold this thread
As I walk awaaaaaaay!

It's no wonder the Normans won, with all their dirty fighting moves! What's more surprising, given this underhanded fighting technique, is that there's any record of the Anglo-Saxons at all. Inspired, of course, by the historic Bayeux Tapestry. Thanks to juliejeremiah for the great title idea!

For detailed close-ups, go here.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

like teh new title .. and the tapestry look to this . nice work

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

I don't get it... HA! I don't know shit about tapestry, but I know what I like! $5 all the way. Are you on a roll Mr Leino??


This is awesome, I've seen the Bayeux Tapestry in person, you really caught the style!

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

5 and $ for the weezer reference :P

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The Sweater Song is nice.


haha when i looked at it, i was like, 'is that supposed to look like the bayeax tapestry?' i guess so! so there you have it.

The Jolly Brewer

I saw the real thing when I was 11 on a school trip. It's really quite amazing. I like this!



Haha! Most excellent. Wouldn't wear it in those colours, but it's a 5 for concept and coolness.

mezo profile pic Alumni

You are one conceptual smarty pants! 5$

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Dang, there goes my unfinished bayeux-based sub.

Great work, really nice textures.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

This is purely amazing, I love the textures and line work! Pull this thread of awesomeness and I've come undone! whoaaa $5

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Im with Mr. Rocks, but im also with him on the still very cool part too

renfrue profile pic Alumni

very nice indeed

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

why does bobbyanderson compare everything with emo? I think we'd ALL be upset if our bodies could easily be unraveled, not just some faux-dark fucks who think sadness is a lifestyle choice! Anywho, I do indeed enjoy the joke on this sub, but i still don't understand why your Eiffel Power! and 80's junkyard subs haven't been printed yet. Nice work on your most recent trifecta.

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