If I Were a Giraffe

Design by earley

If I Were a Giraffe by earley on Threadless
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I swear I've seen a very similar sub on here before...


it's so cute!... 5$


girfaffe.... lol : D


I wasn't implying you copied the other submission, just that they are so similar. I have no idea what the one I'm thinking of is called though, so I can't point it out. I just remember that is was a huge giraffe with his head reaching in the clouds and that he appeared to be cut off at the neck.


like the idea, the face of the giraffe needs to be more detailed imo, it looks unfinshed....that and the clouds could have some extra detail....i dont know it looks like a cross between a silhouette and a drawing with details...

having said that the concept is cool, that would be me too!! :D


though i appreciate sticking to 4 colours is hard work!


I'm with NathanClayton - keep spelling mistake and place it on the back :) It's a really cute design.


This would make a really good Kids shirt
but i would wear it too:D


very cute! 5$

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