idiotbox goes to heaven

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idiotbox goes to heaven by asher27 on Threadless
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bluemagenta- the lighter blue in the picture i submitted is the girls color tee... i dont think it would good on anything lighter than that.

asher27 profile pic Artist

wow thanks yippiegirl. that was actually what i was trying to convey, the feeling of conformity and stupidness associated with television and how average people love television and stupid shows like 'the oc' and stuff like that.

spaceman- the reason why i picked navy and royal blues was because i wanted it to be like the color of the sky (day and night). i also know some people such as myself hate light colored shirts so even though im a girl id probably get the navy one.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

i like the screens white on a lighter color sans text. its an excellent design


angels have halos

asher27 profile pic Artist

purrple daturra- the lighter blue color outside the tee is the girlie tee color... grey would look terrible most likely.

asher27 profile pic Artist

rancid theres a reason why it looks all the same...

because tv, to me, is all the same crap regardless of the channel yet people pratically worship it because it makes so much money... and with all the big screen plasma $5000 tvs and stupid reality shows to watch on it... makes me hate tv even more because of the conformity (all the shows being practically the same and stupid).

if this shirt does get lucky and goes to print i will completely remove the text by the way because it seems that very few people like it. the colors will stay the same and the placement will too most likely.

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