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Luke... profile pic Artist

thanx...but not sure about the color-justice comment...could you explain...?
there are several elements thumbprint,subway lines, circuitry, landmarks, dna-code-like-thingy, barcode identification.....
i was mostly an expierment in line work and interconnection of these elements....

moosabman profile pic Alumni

Very very creative, i hope you get it printed 5

Luke... profile pic Artist

thanx everyone for the comments...and i am glad u like it...
to address the last 2 comments about the thicker lines...i tried it with varoius line weights and the thicker lines lost the intricacy of the addition, the singular line weight allows the various elements of the design to have the equal importance...but i can see how at the smaller than life size it may be hard to read each individual element...but rest assurred when/if it is printed, on the t-shirt the design will be more clearly portrayed...

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