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I love the idea, but you don't think about a lightbulb - it just appears over your head.

Unless I'm totally misinterpreting the design. In which case, nevermind.


Lose the thought bubbles (not the lights) and it's a 5.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I agree about losing the thought bubbles but otherwise another ... great idea that is well executed.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

hahha, nice profile pic btw

theperk profile pic Alumni

awesome again glenn. btw: have you thought about it?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i like it as is, the thought bubbles indicate thats what they are thinking about. Duh... seriously.

Ava Adore

very nice


Losing the thought bubbles changes the entire meaning of the shirt, so please think about it before doing so.


meh, nothing special, but it still gets a 4 for an good design.


The thought bubles give an impression of man's progression in lighting technology. Leaving the question, whats next? The suggestion of removing the thought bubbles gives it a nice playful twist, which to me, works better for a T-shirt. Great stuff.

.onion profile pic Alumni

cool idea, but the fire is badly done.
i think it'd be better if it were just the light bulb over the head kind of "eureka!" thing, except evolving over time... er. yeah. what redsugar said.

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