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For those unfamiliar with the Nintendo DS, or Duel-Screen, it is a handheld gaming system. The bottom screen is interactive, and you can tap it with the stylus, hence the joke here.

(I really hope you didn't need my explanation.)


Too bad it's not uncopyrighted material...




A-W-E-S-O-M-E 5$

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I'm not into the "tap that" puns, but if i was forced at gunpoint to attire myself in one of these crass gags, this would be the one to do it. Very nice drawing of the DS, and people REALLY need to stop worrying about the legality/copyrights of certain objects and just vote on them according to how they like the design. 4.


Probably my favourite handheld ever, but I still can't get over how truly fug the original DS was (your illustration is great, though). I'd just prefer it to be a DS Lite. 4.

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Thanks for the input and the names of other sites, everyone. I'll make a DS Lite version and submit it to those places. (I just have a preference for the older version, even if the lites do look awesome -- the old one fits in my hands better.)


This is the ONLY shirt i'd wear with "I'd tap that" written on it. Clever!

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Thanks for the comments, all!

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Any particular DS Lite colors?

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When I make a DS Lite version, should I bother submitting it to threadless or should I go for one of the other t-shirt sites people have listed?

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