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i find it funny that u people question why to design a tshirt with an ice cream truck on it? or question why u would even wear it. maybe u would like to go back to ALL the other designs that have been submitted to threadless and ask the same questions. some of the designs that get passed through here or praised, i just sit bemused at, wondering what on earth people are thinking. obviously just a matter of taste.

and here's one for u. i asked a graphic designer about a tshirt he bought. his reason for buying it? he liked the font!!!! it was just a plain tshirt with one word that didnt really make sense. but hey, he liked the font.

ps. not too keen on this tshirt. i dont get it. besides from the fact it doesnt look centred, its just not my thing.


I agree with carter. It doesn't totally suck, but it doesn't appeal to me.

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