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Sorry people, I do realise this submission is very self-indulgent. I just want to see this image of Ian Curtis on a T-shirt.
As to who he was, Ian Curtis was the lead singer of the group Joy Division. He suffered from manic depression and commited suicide in the early 80s. The remaining members of Joy Division went on to form New Order.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

I don't quite understand that last post, but if that's supposed to be some lame insult/flame, it's kind of funny coming from a guy who (on his website : http://www.theworldwidewebguy.com/) lists Interpol as one of his fav bands. Anybody that knows anything about music would see the irony. BTW you really look great in this pic http://www.pbase.com/image/9504944

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

I toyed with many colour combinations before settling for this combo. At first I had intended for the shirt to be simple black and white, but then I saw that this was too bland. The other option apart from the one I finally decided upon was for the same colour shirt but a blue print (to represent his depression). I liked this combo because the yellow makes it look like a spotlight is on him. Kind of like he's looking up at the spotlight/limelight.


the end my only friend

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