I Wish I Was An Evergreen

Design by the Sleeping Sky

I Wish I Was An Evergreen by the Sleeping Sky on Threadless
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Tikimasters profile pic Alumni

lol yes it is.

Tim Phelan


A thought? I would have loved to see the flip side during Christmas when he gets cut down and the other tree is laughing at him. Classic comic inversion.

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Artist

Dang that would be an awesome idea!!


thanks for stealing my idea


hey, sk8ergirl0330 submitted a critique for something like this days ago. And hers is better.


wow. sorry, I sounded like a turd. I must be tired.

Other than being very, eerily similar to sk8ergirl0330's sub, it's a good design.

Skap 1er

haha, awesome

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Artist

yeah i started this as a watercolor before the date she subbed hers in critiques and did a vector around oct 1st.

quite unfortunate.


greenttentacle on Oct 13 '09
hmmm, Sk8tergirl's piece is quite similar and it was subbed before.

i've noticed that sometimes happens :S

I don't think we're saying you're taking the idea, Sky. Just that it's not an uncommon idea. However before either you or Sk8tergirl's piece were put up or conceived, Blammoed did this same idea last fall and was printed at shirt.woot.

the Sleeping Sky
the Sleeping Sky profile pic Artist

dangit just when i thought i had a good idea!

Skap 1er

yeah man i feel the same way, my latest design just got shitted on because someone had done something similar on a different site that i had no idea about. Anyway yours is better than that bullshit on the links posted

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I've seen this concept a good 5 times on Threadless before....I even collabed a while back on a similiar idea! It's okay, it's a nice and simple version tho, and i don't think the concept has been printed yet on this site, maybe ilovedoodle's version soon.




As far as I'm concerned, this hasn't been printed on Threadless yet, so therefore is fair game. (Unless they end up printing ilovedoodle's like frickinawesome said) Sky obviously didn't steal the idea, so I'm still going to score this a $4.

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni


celandinestern profile pic Alumni

so cute!! I love Mr. Pine's hearty laugh, and Mr. Deciduous' face just makes me want to hug him really tight and knit him a little sweater to wear!! I would buy this, happily. Print!!! 5$

bengineer profile pic Alumni

hahaha, that's awesome!


Awww. mean ol' evergreen.

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