I wish I owned a sword

Design by Brat Worst

I wish I owned a sword by Brat Worst on Threadless
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I could do without the name tag also. The bird might look better on the back.

badnobe profile pic Alumni

good details.nice work!!!


love the parrot, and the placement 5$


Please don't take the nametag off this shirt. It's what makes this whole design for me. There is a simple solution. Leave the nametag BLANK. The shirt owner can write their own name.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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There's gotta be a name that is gender neutral that could work with the pirate joke!!! thinking....thinking...thinking about thinking of a really good name....Arrrrrrnez? Like Desi's last name, it's at least a little more gender neutral...good concept otherwise- i would like the parrot up higher, but i understand why you can't do that.


swell i love it just as it is...


OMG i'd sooo buy that!!!


nice...thanks for the input!! on my when i grow up shirt!! im just getting started

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