I Want To Be A Black Hole

Design by grypesagon

I Want To Be A Black Hole by grypesagon on Threadless
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right side of chest?


"cloned" does not bode well for my scoring proceedure


An actual photo of a black hole? Are you aware that their existence has not been substantiated?
from http://cosmology.berkeley.edu/Education/BHfaq.html#q4:
Is there any evidence that black holes exist?
Yes. You can't see a black hole directly, of course, since light can't get past the horizon. That means that we have to rely on indirect evidence that black holes exist.


i don't really care how many hours you spent turning someone elses photo into 4 colors. you could have used that time actually illustrating a black hole and then adding some more elements so that it became a design for a shirt. as it is, there's really nothing going on. srry.


Black holes suck.
This shirt, however does not.


It's a vectorization of a photo of some planetary nebula. Nothing more. I understand what you're saying about the legitimacy of using reference materials, but for something to be a reference material you'd have to use it for reference, which is not what you've done here. You simply took somebody else's photograph and reduced it into a format that could be printed on a shirt. You didn't bring any of your own creativity to the table.


well kudos to you for putting the time in to create it and then to argue w/ anyone who doesn't agree, but it just looks crappy on a shirt


Well, regardless of all that, I think it looks awesome. And best placement is over the chest - in my opinion.


so, you are designing only for designers? good luck with that, since most of the business and voters for threadless are not designers but consumers. this submission looks like crap on a shirt, and i'm sorry for that. but i did not insult you as an artist or a person and would look at each submission on its own merit. there was no reason for you to go out of your way to insult me.


It looks like a bullet hole


heart or back


I liked the samurai cardinal better, this is a nice design but theres nothing catchy about it.


At first, I thought it was a tie dye shirt.

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