I Think I'm Paranoid

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I Think I'm Paranoid by gui-odai on Threadless
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gui-odai profile pic Artist

it's just a matter of style, to show that the guy is really paranoid...


I think change the face and this would be really cool.

She Says So

well i like the Garbage song.

ok design, but not something id wear on a tee.


the idea is great but it is executed rather poorly. If it was drawn better this would be a buy...


really great idea, but as the guy above said, it's needs some cleaning up.
but yeah, love the idea.


funny! =D!!!


gui-odai profile pic Artist

all you people, thanks for your criticism. especially those who made it in a constructive way.

well, i would like to say that i can't draw. at all! so, i was very proud of this design, i never did something like this before. but now i realize that some parts could be improved. for example, the guy. his body looks flat and could be better detailed.

but i still don't get why people was so bothered with the eyes... it's supposed to be creepy, and i thought that was clear...

anyway, your comments were helpful to me. thanks

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