I Saw The Future (Re-submission)

Design by jock05tees

I Saw The Future (Re-submission) by jock05tees on Threadless
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Much better submission with the enlarged graphic.

I like the idea and the cave-art feel, but I don't really like the text placement. I think it would also help the design if it wasn't cut off in a box shape, but if the designs on the edges continued to give it a ragged border that isn't necessarily in a straight line.

And just because I have so many black tees, it would be nice if you used a dark brown tee with either tan (like it is), or maybe a reddish-brown paint.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

looks too rectangle.


This is a cool design, but I think it would be much better without the text. It doesn't seem to match the rest of the design, which can stand on its own anyway. Consider different color combinations (like rudra suggested) and making it a little less boxy. Do a resubmit and I'd 5 you so fast. It's a great illustration, very clever and well-done.


i saw lose the text


Oh, I like it. X33


This is a cool design, but it looks like you vectorized it straight from a photo of Newspaper Rock in Southeastern Utah.


i would suggest moving the text outside of the main design and dropping the GE logo(it almost turns it into an ad for GE) and losing the hard crop of the image in general, then i'd buy

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