I Own An Umbrella Hat

Design by mvr

I Own An Umbrella Hat by mvr on Threadless
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I wish I owned one after seeing this. Great.


i like tyour style dude. Like this but it seems a bit lacklustre.


Er what i meant was the execution is great but the concept just isn't interesting enough to me. Sorry.

your Homeless travellar and Union vs... are way better.

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

ha. This is pretty funny, I like it. This is my favorite of your shirts mvr. I like how the unbrella guy is like, "See, it works!" and the other guys is like, "Yeah, but you're still a dork..."


haha, mvr, i really love all of your designs. i wisht hey printed some of them! my favorite of all is your waterbuffalo one, but the "The Ultimate Rubber Ducky" and "Lumberjacks Should Always Carry Their Chainsaws" just crack me up to no end. if they ever get printed some other way, lemme know 'cause i'd love to put them on my torso.

as for this design, i also own an umbrella hat, and am the envy of all my friends as a result. keep up the great work!


HAH!! This made me laugh. ^_^

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