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I Must Dash

Design by kylwllt

I Must Dash by kylwllt on Threadless
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kylwllt profile pic Artist

This design is incredibly simple, but has a surprise hidden inside. All great men have mustaches, and now here's yours! Hidden inside the shirt, right below the collar and upside down, you can now flip your collar and whip out your mustache anytime you feel the need-and to top it off, the ink would be a reflective silver to match your favorite sunglasses perfectly!

I designed and printed a single shirt for the 2012 Mustache Crawl in Wrigleyville, and it was definitely the most popular shirt there!

DKelmer profile pic Alumni

This is awesome! Very clever putting the print inside too! Hope I can get a hidden mustache tee! Good luck

BubbleHezza profile pic Alumni

Ive seen an inside design before but it's when the tee is placed over the head and there is an alternative face, be it a monster or something, when I saw it I though now thats clever, I need to do something similar but different... I was stumped, you have the tash. 1-0 you

BubbleHezza profile pic Alumni

Who's the girl in the pic? not trying to be rude or offensive but it looks like she's forgotten about the sausage she left in her pocket


Very clever design, never see the inside design! Would be good for Movember

Adam Lawless

................. AWESOME, it remnds me of some star which I douldnt remember his name, great 5!


Fantastic! $5

kylwllt profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone :) and it would be great for Movember, I wish I would have thought of it a few months ago!

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