I Messed Up IKEA

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I Messed Up IKEA by revcruz on Threadless
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nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Like it! :) Didn't know for "I-K-E-A" ^^


I definitely will buy this one, it is my LIFE, I am the furnilogical victim of a sloppy furniture building yeti. But, the price is always right. Enjoy your Swedish crap !

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great inks & layering. The 'screw ?' thought bubble reminds me of the 'screw ball' bubbles from Warner Brother cartoons of yore.


An IKEA is being opened pretty close to my house. My gramma wants me to get a job there.


god who can't relate to this shirt
great design and colors!


bananaphone profile pic Alumni

in my opinion we need more chairs breaking with people sitting on them, on tees.

revcruz profile pic Artist

Haha abigaildarling... it's not a matter of schooling I think that makes it hard to assemble things. Some people are better in following complicated instruction diagrams (some even relish it! I have friends who build models, have you seen their guide sheets?), some are not. It's a matter I think of designing instruction guides to make them easier to understand... sheesh, I'm lecturing here about ergonomics!

revcruz profile pic Artist

Bananaphone, I agree with you! I can imagine the Threadless staff modeling the scene in the shirt already... hoohoooo

revcruz profile pic Artist

Hi miss-teariuos :-) The design is mainly a commentary regarding the do-it-yourself-assembly feature of IKEA's furniture (which by the way is the main reason why their furniture is cheap - no labor, reduced shipping) and the potential misunderstanding of the instructions that goes with it. I was hoping not to explain it, but the guy in the design misunderstood the instruction, forgot to put the screws (or lost them), thus resulting in the girls' demise when she sat on the finished product. I love IKEA for being innovative, don't get me wrong, and their furniture if done correctly, really do last!

revcruz profile pic Artist


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