I married for the money

Design by Shark_biscuit

I married for the money by Shark_biscuit on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

I LOVE the 'Schoolhouse Rock' style illustration & font. The colors are right on as well. My only complaint is I wish the fellow looked older & more grotesque.


While the concept of golddiggers is an interesting one, I see an unfair bias against women in this particular design. It seems that this couple has quite an age gap ... she is meant to be seen as young and beautiful, while he appears to be an below/average looking, middle-aged man. However, she is the shallow one who is marrying for money, while he is pure of heart and not desiring her for her pretty face and firm breasts; this seems rather unlikely.


wala ~!! nice nice nice ~!! 555~!!


LOVE this loads!!!!!! I WANT THIS SHIRT! pull hairs

Ava Adore

yeah this isnt really a maxim one i dont think, but is a great design for a normal threadless tee


the girl looks like kelly clarkson to me

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