i made you a tape

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i made you a tape by adamwhite on Threadless
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Awesome! I'd like it centered, I think.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

aww... reminds me of junior high. i like the illustration and patterns. check out my sub for the last kiss, i have a boombox too :) 5$

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I don't think it communicates the theme of the competition particularly well, but oh well.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

wonderful illustration, great design...but not really for the theme

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration, but I do agree with the above comments about the theme.

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration

adamwhite profile pic Artist

In response to the comments that don't think this design relates to the theme, check out my description above.

In the film summary it says "clutching on to everything that was free, innocent, and fun about being young.” To some people, making a mixtape for some one they liked is a memory that encapsulates all of those things. Though you may grow old, there are still those funny little expressions that remind you of times past.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

This is nicely done.

staffell profile pic Alumni

this is a fantastic illustration

She Says So

awesome illustration

adamwhite profile pic Artist

I knew this question would come up. Very observant!
I decided to make it a single cassette player so it was less wide.

Back in the day kids would request songs off the radio, and then record them. I received tapes this way growing up.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

haha, "I made you a tape". Cool style. I like the monochromatic color scheme you're pimpin' here.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Great character & color. I especially love the decorative blue lines shooting out of the blue....they look like fancy armpit hair.

thINK profile pic Alumni

I like the colors and style

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Other than the placement, this is fantastic.
The patterns and the overall feel of this illustration is GREAT! I just really dislike where you have it on the shirt. But, that can be changed. It would look just fine a bit larger and centered or maybe bottom placement.

adamwhite profile pic Artist

If I could go back, I would have submitted this one in the Flash template with a little interactive music player. 20/20 hindsight.

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

SUPER illustration!!! Adam, u r rocking,,,,great work! 5

hogboy profile pic Alumni

sweeet... love your stuff man.$5


I love this! I would buy it, it conveys all the feelings it should and is still something to make me smile and be a nice tshirt design.

adamwhite profile pic Artist

Thank you all for the great feedback!
Although the voting is over, and in the end "i made you a tape" didn't receive a high score, I still feel very strongly about this one, and the meaning behind it.

adamwhite profile pic Artist

This is on a Navy Blue shirt.

jacklmoore profile pic Alumni

this deserved a higher score

adamwhite profile pic Artist

Thinking about redrawing this for a re-sub...

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